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Hosted and Native IP Telephony

Fully Managed Cisco solution

RashComm Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of IP Communications services that deliver, secure, reliable and always-on integrated communications. RashComm Solutions transforms voice and data communications into a strategic tool that provides the competitive edge needed in today’s business environment. Our service provides a best in breed, viable alternative to the traditional corporate PBX.

By leveraging the native flexibility provided by IP based calling, messaging and collaboration; we allow businesses, non-profit and government entities to better sell, service and support its customers and mission objectives.

We deliver fully managed IP-based communications solutions built with high-end features, applications and with the reliability and quality that only a Cisco-based infrastructure can offer.

Deployment Models

We offer three broad IP Communication deployment models to meet the varying needs of both the government and commercial markets. Each model represents a fully managed solution but the levels of configuration, hardware acquisition and support can vary with specific requirements:

Fully Hosted

With this deployment model we host centralized IP Telephony call management in a minimum of two data centers, manage or provide connectivity to remote locations, provide overall system administration and support end-users 24 hours and day, 7 days a week.

Split Hosted

With split hosted, we provide native redundancy for onsite call management for enhanced disaster avoidance. Clients still benefit from having a minimum of two data centers, and can leverage our end-user and system administration support infrastructure to provide 24/7 coverage.

Onsite, Fully Managed

For large agencies, we can provide a complete onsite call management solution that extends and unifies the entire organization. Our support infrastructure is available to manage the call management services, remote site hardware configuration and deployment and end-user training requirements.

Our vision for fully managed IP communications for government encompasses a single point of support, productivity-enhancing features, a comprehensive scalable suite of applications, all necessary communications hardware and 24/7 service management.

As a fully managed solution, RashComm Solutions service eliminates an agency’s need to maintain dedicated IT resources to manage the voice and data communications infrastructure. IT resources can be deployed to service other, more pressing tasks.