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Wireless Network Solutions

Getting Started With Wireless Infrastructure

Your Rash Comm Solutions certified Solution Architects are ready to assist you with every phase of choosing and leveraging the right solution for your IT environment.

Our approach includes:

  • An initial discovery session to understand your goals, requirements, and budget
  • An assessment review of your existing environment and definition of project requirements
  • Detailed vendor evaluations, recommendations, future design and proof of concept
  • Procurement, configuration, and deployment of the final solution
  • Ongoing product lifecycle support


Solve RF coverage and throughput performance issues of wireless access points Ensure Wireless coverage is not bleeding into areas not required to be covered – increase efficient use of APs and avoid security problems Identify and resolve Wi-Fi spectrum interference issues that limit wireless throughput Identify and isolate rogue access points / applications on the network – Improve throughput and security Test and validate for WLAN compliance to HIPPA, SOX, ISO 27001, PCI DSS