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Network Architecture Design & Validation

The global leader in enterprise technology design and proposal generation.

Businesses have complex information, communications, and technology requirements and a bewildering array of products to choose from. The need to connect people and information across locations, devices, and applications is complicated by the pressures of security, reliability, and environmental consciousness and by the technology imperatives to modernize, industrialize, move to the cloud, and support mobile and employee-owned devices. In order to delivery winning proposals, engineers and architects need to create the design that will serve as the basis for the sales proposal.

The design process often requires collaboration between multiple individuals and subject matter experts to arrive at a comprehensive proposal. This process becomes even more complex when factoring in the numerous requirements a customer may have. These include objectives to reduce power consumption or mandates to deploy devices that comply with government standards such as the Trade Agreements Act (TAA). The potential for making errors increases exponentially especially as the design may require products from multiple vendors and several iterations with the customer, equipment vendors and distributors before the order is placed. Arriving at a complete design with all the necessary customer-facing documents to secure a deal can be a costly and time-consuming process. RashComm Solutions addresses this challenge with the RashComm Solutions Discover-to-Sell solution.

Validated Designs

Designs are validated against the industry’s most complete Knowledge Base that frees users from having to understand exactly how to construct each element used in the design canvas. With RashComm Solutions, professional and personalized winning proposals can be generated in a fraction of the time and eliminate the potential for costly configuration errors. RashComm Solutions  experts  ensures completed designs are accurate and can be deployed successfully the first time. The validation process is based on specific product configuration rules as described by  RashComm Solutions  or directly controlled by the equipment vendor’s backend validation system.

RashComm Solutions provides many guided selling advises to help users with the following:

  • Reduce power consumption by selecting Energy-Wise products
  • Identify Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliance issues
  • Configure Cisco Unified Communications, Cisco Video Surveillance, and IronPort products
  • Improve profitability by identifying Cisco Borderless Access promotions
  • Streamline quoting for Managed Network Services (MNS) and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) proposals by including all required information and enforcing rules.
  • And more.