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Training & Development

Rash Comm Technologies in connection with Client’s project using Training (online) and Consultancy Skills. The Training /coaching will includes

  • IP Addressing/Sub Netting
  • Network Layers, Trace routing
  • Protocols: RIP Version I and II
  • OSPF (Open Shortest Path First)
  • BGP (Border Gateway Protocols)
  • Online Troubleshooting using GNS(Graphic Network
  • CCNA course overview

And Database management systems, firewall , security full package of Microsoft office and hardware and networking etc.

More Than Just a Training Provider, We're Your Training Partner.

Training should not be one-size-fits-all. While other companies may try to force you into their prepackaged curriculum or delivery methods, we work with you to understand your unique needs and develop a solution that's right for you. Selecting the right training provider is the first step to reaching, or even exceeding, your goals.

Corporate Training:

Keep your people and your business advancing.

The bar for staying competitive in any marketplace keeps rising. Rash Comm Technologies recognizes that no matter what size your company, your education and training budget needs to show as much return on investment as your other business decisions. Our IT training solutions have kept businesses—from startups to global enterprises—ahead of the technology curve for over 4 years.

Rash Comm Technologies has helped companies see tangible, measurable results by continuously upgrading the capabilities and skills of their most important assets with the most in-demand training solutions. Rash Comm Technologies combines the resources of the world’s largest independent IT training company with the responsiveness of a local partner.

Whether your company is 50 or 50,000 strong (or somewhere in between), Rash Comm Technologies creates unique IT training and professional development solutions that work.

In House Training:

In-house Training is a more effective and at times cost beneficial alternative to other off-site or web-based training program options. Rash Comm Technologies Training Consultants will thoroughly discuss your business, its vision and mission, challenges and issues, and will work with you to develop your next in-house training program to focus on your business needs, concentrating on the objectives specific to your organisation.

Because the cost saving benefits of bringing training in-house can be so great, reducing employee travel time, travel expenses and additional time away from your employees tasks at hand, most employers find the choice of bringing training on-site is the most effective way to touch an even greater number of employees without the added travel time and expense.

Network Training:

Rash Comm Technologies provide different training courses covering network technologies. This comprehensive range of courses enables you to take the courses that only cover the specific aspect of networking you require. You don't need to learn about other things, just attend the course that covers only the technology that you need. The two foundation courses are the three day Introduction to data communications and networking followed by our 5 day TCP/IP foundation. The Introduction to Data communications course provides a technical overview of all networking including building of networks with Ethernet, wireless LANS and WANS. Our TCP/IP foundation course provides hands on experience with PCs, servers and routers providing a rounded introduction to the world of TCP/IP. After the foundation courses various specialisation areas are offered including:

  • LANs, WANs and cabling
  • IP and routing
  • Network applications (DNS, SNMP)
  • Multimedia over IP
  • Security

Courses are generic in nature, enabling delegates to focus on the whys and wherefores of networking rather than concentrating on "press this button" or "press that button". Skills gained can then easily be translated into tasks for a particular product. A principle differentiator is that although the courses are generic, hands on sessions are used to reinforce the theory.